Thank you 194 times!  

I was elected as a deputy city councillor. The result is a great trust for the elections first-timer. Once more, thank you all supporters, members of our team, and voters. Work for more student-friendly and forward-looking Turku continues! 

Welcome to my municipal elections website!

I am 21 years old turkuner and a keen student trustee. I have a lot of experience from our Student Unions' student council. This year a do advocacy at the TYY's executive board. I am running as a city councillor by number 642.

My Turku

is a city where the public sector, universities, and the business world come together and build stronger co-operation. Turku cannot be only a place to live during studies. Students should want and actually be able to build a life in Turku after graduation. We should look after every resident and invest in well-being. Especially, we should take care of young and students' mental health. Better everyday life and the attractiveness of the city demand investments into infrastructure and basic services. However, the budget of Turku should be kept in balance and limited resources must be allocated sensibly. To the council, I would give a young student trustee's opinion and enthusiasm for advocacy. Let's build more student-friendly, sustainable and forward-looking Turku together!