SYL president 2023

I am a candidate for the President of SYL 2023, because 

my heart beats for this advocacy work. I am particularly concerned about a sustainable future, students' well-being and resilience, and the adequacy of educational resources. I see that students and education have all the potential to find solutions to social and global problems. That's why I want to be the president of SYL to bring out the voice of our students and bring out the solutions that can support the opportunities for future experts to develop and shape the world. It is truly that future-oriented thing, for which I am ready to put everything I have to give into the game. My SYL is an active debater, a brave forward-looking pressurer in the parliamentary elections, and a united student movement team.

In the elections, we need a change for students tomorrow

 The year 2023 will be the most significant year in terms of SYL's advocacy work in the coming years because the parliamentary elections will be held in the spring. It will be determined how students will be taken into account in the coming government term. Our movement needs strong and competent leadership. So, we can seek an improvement for the students tomorrow, not just the status quo. In addition, influence requires political knowledge and networks. I have been able to build and develop these skills especially this year as a board member of SYL.  

After the parliamentary elections, it is not time to stop. With the European Commission's initiatives, education policy is made more and more strongly at the European level, for example through budget control. For example, new university alliances shape internationalization opportunities and expand study opportunities by creating common European degrees. SYL must ensure that free education, sufficient resources, and opportunities for internationalization are secured also in the future. In the spring of 2024 are the European Parliament elections, for which preparations must already start during 2023.

In a time of crisis, we need predictability for the student's everyday life 

Society is currently living from one crisis to another. In the middle of all this, society assumes that the student should just cope, graduate faster from the study program and go straight to work. Universities are currently graduating already burned-out experts. This direction is unsustainable, especially when the goal is to increase the number of people with higher education to 50% of the age group by 2030.

When the next crisis can only be guessed, the student's well-being, livelihood, and basic needs of everyday life must be secured. In this work, a predictable and sufficient livelihood, adequate mental health services, and flexible studies play a key role. We need to ensure individual paths through the university.

In addition, with the Russian war of aggression, the human suffering in the war zones is enormous. The war can be seen as uncertainty in everyday life, for example with the increase in the cost level. Finland needs a Students at Risk scholarship system, with which students fleeing war, violence, and persecution could come to Finland to complete their studies. This year I have been able to influence the scholarship system together with student unions, ESU, and politicians.

We have no future if the destruction of nature and the climate crisis are not stopped. The necessary actions must be taken now and not tomorrow. SYL must be an active campaigner and social debater in the environmental crisis, so that future generations of students also have a world where they can get an education and follow their dreams.

Trust, love, happiness, and a common goal

The biggest challenge of the student movement in the coming year is the parliamentary elections. Advocacy is not only done from the SYL office, but we go to the elections as a team. Our team does not function without each of its parts - i.e. student unions with their own strengths. Working together is built with interaction and trust. This year, I have tried to meet the wishes of my sponsored student unions by, among other things, developing our meetings and increasing communication.

The key is that during the year we agree together on what to do and stick to the agreed matters. When the goal is clear to everyone and everyone feels ownership of the project, we can get through the end together as winners. During the year, I want to lead by example and act as an encouraging atmosphere lifter.

In addition, as a leader, I want all board members to be able to set realistic goals for themselves so that they can cope with their work and gain experiences of success. I want to make sure that everyone finds their own strengths and is able to utilize them during the year.