SYL 2022


Today 29.9.2021 the Student Union Council of the University of Turku has chosen me as a candidate to become a board member in the National Union of University Students in Finland for the year 2022. The executive board will be chosen on 19.-20.11.2021 at the general assembly in Espoo Korpilampi. 

We were able to introduce ourselves to the student movement in the middle of September. The introductory speeches of the candidates can be viewed on the SYL's Facebook page. 

In my introductory speech, I emphasized the concern about educational resources. "I strongly believe that education is a solution to many societal and future problems and therefore needs to be genuinely adequately resourced. In order for Finland to succeed, grow and develop in the future, we need international competence and investments in science and research."

In addition, I expressed interest in creating opportunities for international cooperation and improving opportunities to improve the international mobility of university students.

"The past few years have been strongly overshadowed by the covid-19 pandemic, and during the next year, I want to be restoring opportunities for international mobility and cooperation for university students. Also, I want to be involved in creating the European education area."

I'm happy to tell you more about myself and my goals, both here on the website side and on my social media channels. Follow @jennanaa_ on Twitter and Instagram.

Welcome to follow my journey towards the general assembly!