Hey there,

I am Jenna Rautionaho, a 23-year-old business student and an eager student representative from Turku. This year I am responsible for EU advocacy and international students on the SYL's executive board. I am a fourth-year business law student at Turku School of Economics. I value education, internationalization, and sustainability. I am particularly concerned about the environment, students' well-being, and a sustainable future. As a person, I am open, curious, and determined. In my free time, I enjoy forest walks with my dog, football, and knitting. I love to have discussions with different people and learn new points of view. At the same time burst bubbles around me.  

My interest in societal matters started in secondary school via participation in Erasmus projects. After that, I have been involved in different organizations and roles. During these years I have learned a lot about politics, collaboration between different parties, and political influencing. I have gathered leadership experience from strategic management, peer leadership, and encouraging leadership. As a leader, no one is ever ready. However, I want to develop and learn more.  

In the future, I want to be building for a better society for all of us. I believe that education and research are solutions to many problems and that is why I want to make difference for students' better tomorrow. I want to make students' voices heard in society, in public discussion, and in the decision-making bodies. 

Read about my earlier experience here.